As a business owner, you probably know how hard it is to get help with something you’re uncertain of without being bombarded by sales pitches. Content marketers have virtually monopolized any subjects you may consider informative or educative. This can be extremely frustrating when you’re just searching for some unbiased answers.

That doesn’t mean that every article you see posted online is going to be a useless pile of Amazon affiliate links, there’s still some good data to be had. Most of it is overwhelmingly basal though. The best way to get some proper answers from experienced sources is by finding a likeminded community.

With that said, we’d like to present you with a short list of the forums we’ve found particularly helpful in the past. Whether you have questions of hosting etiquette, real estate purchases, regulations, or anything in between – these forums will have you covered.

For all Tokeet-related questions, it’s recommended that you head to the Tokeet Community forums for help from staff and fellow users!

Smarthosts Forum (Closed)

Unfortunately, the Smarthosts Forum has been closed by its parent company, Rentivo. We can’t offer any more information on the matter, but there’s some other excellent options here that’ll help us forget Smarthosts.

HomeAway Community

In spite of being hosted directly on the HomeAway site, the forum covers a wide range of hosting topics. It also doesn’t seem to have any preferential slant toward using HomeAway’s platform over others – users are all over the map. If you ask a question about Airbnb there, you’ll get some solid advice.

There is one catch though – you must have a HomeAway account with at least one active listing to post there!

Airhosts Forum

This is a great resource for hosts & managers to get answers quickly. The forum’s main page is a single stream of topics that are seen by everyone – often garnering 10 to 20 replies in less than an hour.

As you may have noticed, the word ‘Air’ appears in the title. This may seem like a reference to Airbnb, but if it ever was, it isn’t now. The site now includes this message to ensure the distinction is clear:

“Note that we are not affiliated with Airbnb – we are just passionate hosts!”

Bigger Pockets Forum

The Bigger Pockets short-term rental management community is actually a part of a large set of real estate & property management forums. As you may have guessed from the name, there’s an entrepreneurial slant to the content there. That doesn’t mean you can’t ask whatever you want and get helpful responses, but it does mean that most of the content and questions deal with monetary aspects of the business.

It’s a great place to get help in making financial decisions, navigating purchases and deals, and generally anything related to the business side of VRM.

Withairbnb Community

The Withairbnb community is the official Airbnb hosts’ forum. If you have Airbnb-related issues, take them here and you’ll get the best platform-specific advice possible. Unlike the HomeAway community, you don’t need active listings to participate in discussion there. That makes it a much better place for beginners who are nervous about dipping their foot in the water!