Top Channel Manager Integrations for Short-Term RentalsTop Channel Manager Integrations for Short-Term Rentals

Ever wondered how top short-term rentals stay fully booked and profitable all year round? The secret lies in using the right channel manager to connect with multiple booking sites. With the right property management software, you can simplify operations and boost your vacation rental business like never before. Let’s dive into Tokeet’s top channel integrations and see how they can transform your property management game.

What makes the best channel manager for short term rentals?

The best channel manager for short-term rentals offers seamless integrations with a variety of platforms and tools. These integrations help property managers enhance visibility, increase engagement, and streamline operations. Look for a channel manager that provides automatic synchronization of rates, availability, and bookings across major sites like Airbnb,, and VRBO. Additionally, features such as dynamic pricing, centralized messaging, and robust analytics are essential for maximizing efficiency and profitability. Reliable customer support and ease of use also play crucial roles in making a channel manager stand out.

When it comes to managing your short-term rentals, Tokeet stands out as a top-notch channel manager. Designed to simplify your vacation rental business, Tokeet connects your properties with multiple booking platforms effortlessly. This powerful property management tool helps you keep everything in one place, making it easier to handle bookings, rates, and guest communications. With Tokeet’s user-friendly property management software, you can maximize your property’s visibility and boost your occupancy rates, ensuring your rental business thrives.

In this blog, we’ll explore Tokeet’s top and newest channel integrations designed to elevate your short-term rental business. Whether you’re looking to maximize your bookings on popular platforms or streamline your operations with cutting-edge property management software, we’ve got you covered. We’ll dive into the best channel manager integrations available through Tokeet, showcasing how these tools can simplify your property management tasks and boost your vacation rental’s visibility. Get ready to discover how these integrations can help you stay ahead in the competitive vacation rental market.

Information from Gitnux states that 68% of property management companies now use property management software to help streamline their processes.

Why Channel Management is Crucial for Short-Term Rentals

Channel management, in simple terms, is the process of managing your property listings across various online booking platforms from a single place. Instead of juggling multiple accounts and calendars, a channel manager like Tokeet helps you synchronize everything in one place. This tool ensures that your short-term rental is visible on multiple sites like Airbnb,, and Expedia, while preventing double bookings and keeping all your rates and availability updated and saves you from the hassle of manual updates. 

Your Business is More Efficient and Profitable

Using a channel manager for your short-term rental can bring a host of benefits, making your vacation rental business more efficient and profitable. First off, it can significantly increase your bookings by ensuring your property is listed on multiple booking sites simultaneously, giving you access to a wider audience. 

This streamlined operation frees up your time, allowing you to focus on providing a great guest experience rather than getting bogged down with administrative tasks. With the right property management software, managing your short-term rental becomes a breeze, ultimately boosting your occupancy rates and revenue.

Tokeet Suite of Products for Short-Term RentalsGet All You Need for Successful Vacation Rental Business in One Platform

Tokeet simplifies channel management for property owners and managers by offering an intuitive and efficient suite of products that centralizes all your short-term rental operations. With Tokeet’s user-friendly interface, you can easily manage your listings and bookings across multiple booking platforms, ensuring your property is always up-to-date. Its property management software integrates seamlessly with major OTAs, automatically synchronizing bookings, rates, and availability to prevent double bookings and save you from manual updates. Whether you’re managing one property or dozens, Tokeet’s powerful features make it easy to stay organized and maximize your rental income. Make the most of your vacation rental business with Tokeet’s easy-to-use features. Enjoy automated communication, invoicing, dynamic pricing, direct booking websites, task management, and more. 

What are top Channel Integrations Property Managers Look For?

What is a Channel Integration?

Integrating your Tokeet account with a channel means connecting your property listings from various booking platforms such as Airbnb, to your account.

Overview of Tokeet’s Top Channel Integrations

Statistics show that the most popular OTAs by size and market share are, Expedia,, Airbnb and Tripadvisor.

Tokeet integrates with some of the most popular booking channels, making it a powerful tool for your vacation rental business. Among the top channel integrations are:

  • Airbnb
  • VRBO
  • Expedia
  • Google Vacation Rentals




Airbnb is a major player in the short-term rental market, known for its wide range of unique and affordable accommodations. It has grown rapidly to become a go-to platform for travelers seeking everything from budget-friendly apartments to luxury villas. With millions of users worldwide, Airbnb offers significant market exposure, making it an essential platform for any vacation rental business looking to attract a diverse group of guests. Its user-friendly interface and extensive marketing reach help property owners achieve high occupancy rates and maximize their rental income.

According to Lighthouse, Airbnb lists 89% of global short-term rental properties on its platform.

Tokeet's Airbnb Preferred Software Partner StatusTokeet is an Airbnb Preferred Software Partner

Being an Airbnb Preferred Software Partner signifies that a property management software provider has met Airbnb’s high standards for quality, performance, and service. This designation is awarded to software companies that integrate seamlessly with Airbnb and offer a range of benefits to property managers using their platform. Here are some key aspects of what it means to be an Airbnb Preferred Software Partner:

  1. Enhanced Integration: The software provides robust, reliable, and advanced integration with Airbnb’s platform. This includes features like real-time synchronization of bookings, availability, rates, and property details, ensuring that information is consistently accurate and up-to-date.
  2. Quality and Performance: Preferred partners have demonstrated superior performance metrics, including high uptime, fast response times, and minimal errors. This ensures a smooth and efficient user experience for property managers.
  3. Comprehensive Features: The software offers a wide range of features that enhance the property management experience, such as automated messaging, dynamic pricing, booking management, and guest communication tools.
  4. Customer Support: Airbnb Preferred Software Partners provide excellent customer support, helping property managers resolve issues quickly and effectively. This includes dedicated support teams, comprehensive help guides, and personalized assistance.

Features of Tokeet’s Airbnb Integration

Connect Multiple Airbnb Accounts: Airbnb is Tokeet’s most versatile channel integration, allowing you to connect and manage multiple Airbnb accounts effortlessly.

Import Airbnb Listings: One of the unique features of this integration is the ability to import a replica of your Airbnb listings into Tokeet This feature saves you valuable time and effort by eliminating the need to recreate rentals within Tokeet. We recommend prioritizing the connection of your Airbnb account first when using multiple channel integrations.

Update Listing Details and Settings: With Tokeet’s Airbnb integration, there are many options within your Tokeet connections allowing you to make changes to your listings that you would normally do on Airbnb. This gives you the option to manage the listings directly in Tokeet.You can adjust booking settings, apply discounts, update cancellation policies, manage fees, and much more—all from a single platform.

Create Airbnb Listings in Tokeet: Another distinctive feature of Tokeet’s Airbnb integration is  the ability to create rentals within Tokeet and seamlessly add them to your Airbnb account. This flexibility lets you oversee all aspects of your listings from one place.

Review Management: With the Airbnb integration, you can view and respond to reviews for your listings directly in Tokeet, eliminating the need to navigate through Airbnb.

Booking Alterations: Unlike the other channel integrations, Airbnb bookings can be updated in Tokeet. Bookings can be cancelled and you’re also able to manage alteration requests, booking requests and inquiries.

For steps on how to connect Tokeet to Airbnb, please see our help guide here.

  1. Regular Updates: These partners are committed to continuous improvement and regularly update their software to incorporate new features, enhancements, and security measures that align with Airbnb’s evolving standards and requirements.
  2. Trusted Partnership: Being a Preferred Software Partner reflects a strong, collaborative relationship with Airbnb. It indicates that the software provider is trusted by Airbnb to deliver a high-quality experience to mutual customers.

Overall, using a property management software that is an Airbnb Preferred Software Partner gives property managers confidence that they are working with a reliable, efficient, and fully integrated tool that will help them maximize their success on the Airbnb platform.

Overview is a powerhouse in the travel market, connecting millions of travelers with accommodations worldwide. As a short-term rental manager, tapping into’s extensive reach can significantly boost your vacation rental business. With its user-friendly platform and global presence, opens doors to a diverse pool of potential guests, helping you fill vacancies and maximize bookings.

According to market data, is the most visited travel and tourism website in the world. It received 554.5 million visits in September 2023 alone.

Features of Tokeet’s Integration

Functionality for Multiple Room Setups: Tokeet can support multiple rooms under a single property, where each room has its own distinct Room ID. This allows synchronization for your rooms just as you would for individual properties.

Update Various Rate Plans: allows the creation of multiple rate plans, catering to different guest needs and preferences. To ensure consistency across your various plans, Tokeet automatically updates rates for your Standard rate plans and other custom plans. This feature simplifies the management of your rates, keeping them synchronized across platforms for optimal efficiency.

Billing Details Transfer: When a guest enters their credit card details on, Tokeet automatically saves the billing information to your connected Stripe Payment Gateway, allowing you to effortlessly charge the card via Tokeet’s electronic invoice.

To learn how to link Tokeet to, please refer to our help guide available here.



VRBO, also known as Vacation Rental By Owner, is a leading player in the vacation rental market. Specializing in connecting travelers directly with property owners, VRBO offers a unique platform for short-term rentals. With its extensive reach and dedicated focus on vacation properties, VRBO provides a valuable opportunity for property managers to showcase their listings to a targeted audience of travelers seeking memorable stays.

Based on insights from Business of Apps, Vrbo had an average of 17.5 million unique visitors in 2023, and 257 million page views.

Features of Tokeet’s VRBO Integration

Automatic Rate Updates: VRBO integration with Tokeet simplifies rate management by automatically syncing your rates. Unlike other channel integrations, there’s no need to manually send your rates to VRBO—they’re updated seamlessly from Tokeet, saving you time and effort.

Management of Fees: Setting up fees and security deposits for your VRBO properties is a breeze with Tokeet. Once configured, these charges are automatically applied to your VRBO invoices, ensuring a smooth and consistent billing process.

Room Setup: Tokeet makes it easy to configure your VRBO room settings. You can specify details such as room type, size, attached bathroom, and add descriptions directly within Tokeet. This information is then automatically applied to your VRBO listings, keeping everything consistent and up-to-date.

Payment Scheduling: Tokeet’s Payment Scheduling feature allows you to manage your guest payments efficiently. You can specify when to charge your guests and the total percentage to be collected at each stage of the booking. This ensures a streamlined payment process and better control over your revenue.

For a step-by-step guide on integrating Tokeet with VRBO, please visit our help guide here.



Expedia is a major player in the travel industry, known for its extensive network that connects millions of travelers with accommodations, flights, and travel experiences worldwide. As a short-term rental manager, listing your properties on Expedia can significantly enhance your visibility and attract a diverse range of guests. With its robust platform and vast audience, Expedia offers a valuable opportunity to expand your vacation rental business and reach new markets.

According to Business of Apps, Expedia had 48 million active users in 2022, a 26.3% increase on previous year.

Features of Tokeet’s Expedia Integration

Update Various Rate Plans: Expedia allows the creation of multiple rate plans, catering to different guest needs and preferences. To ensure consistency across your various plans, Tokeet automatically updates rates for your Standard rate plans and other custom plans. This feature simplifies the management of your rates, keeping them synchronized across platforms for optimal efficiency.

Billing Details Transfer: When a guest enters their credit card details on Expedia, Tokeet automatically saves the billing information to your connected Stripe Payment Gateway, allowing you to effortlessly charge the card via Tokeet’s electronic invoice.

To find out how to connect Tokeet to Expedia, please consult our help guide here.

Google Vacation Rentals


Google Vacation Rentals is making waves in the travel industry by providing a powerful platform for short-term rental listings. Leveraging Google’s extensive reach and search capabilities, this feature allows travelers to find vacation rentals directly through Google Search and Google Maps. For property managers, this means unparalleled visibility and the opportunity to tap into a vast audience of potential guests who use Google every day. By integrating with Google Vacation Rentals, your vacation rental business can benefit from increased exposure and more direct bookings, making it a crucial channel to include in your property management strategy. This platform streamlines the search process for travelers, connecting them effortlessly with your short-term rental properties.

Features of Tokeet’s Google Vacation Rentals Integration

Avoid Booking Fees and Commissions: Integrating Google Vacation Rentals with Tokeet directs Google visitors straight to your Tokeet website to complete their booking. This way, you maximize your revenue by avoiding OTA fees and commissions, ensuring you keep more of your earnings from each booking.

Customizable Direct Booking Website: Unlike OTAs that restrict the content you can display, your Tokeet website allows you to showcase videos, links to your social media pages, and capture guests’ personal information. This customization helps create a more engaging and personalized experience for potential guests, enhancing their connection to your property.

Flexible Payment Options: A major benefit of using Google Vacation Rentals to direct guests to your direct booking website is the control you have over payment terms. You decide whether to charge a deposit upon booking or the full amount upfront—it’s entirely up to you. Plus, with access to various payment gateways, you have full control over how and when you receive your payments, providing flexibility and convenience for both you and your guests.

Loyalty Incentives: With your direct booking website, you can offer discount codes that guests can use to enjoy special savings. Additionally, having access to past guests’ email addresses enables you to send them promotional offers and personalized options, encouraging repeat bookings and fostering customer loyalty.

For detailed steps on how to connect Tokeet to Google Vacation Rentals, please consult our help guide here.

Tokeet’s Newest Channel Integration with

Introduction to has quickly emerged as a significant player in the travel market, offering a comprehensive platform that connects travelers with a wide range of accommodations, flights, and travel services. Known for its user-friendly interface and extensive global reach, caters to millions of users looking for convenient and affordable travel options. For those of us in the vacation rental business, listing on means tapping into a vast audience of potential guests who are ready to book their next adventure.

Benefits of Integrating 

Integrating with Tokeet is an exciting development for short-term rental managers. provides services to hundreds of millions of members in 24 languages across 39 countries and regions. With over 1.1 million global accommodation listings and this OTA’s growing popularity, your properties gain more visibility, attracting a diverse array of travelers.

For detailed instructions on connecting Tokeet with, check out our help guide here.

Tokeet Channel Manager Integrations for Vacation RentalsUsing Tokeet’s Property Management Software for Seamless Integration

Introduction to Tokeet’s Software: Tokeet’s property management software is designed to make managing your short-term rentals a breeze. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, Tokeet streamlines all aspects of property management. From booking management and automated invoicing to guest communication and analytics, Tokeet provides a comprehensive set of tools that help you run your vacation rental business efficiently. It’s a one-stop solution that simplifies tasks, saves time, and enhances your ability to provide top-notch service to your guests.

Integration Capabilities: One of Tokeet’s standout features is its robust integration capabilities. As a leading property management tool, Tokeet seamlessly connects with multiple channels, ensuring your listings are always up-to-date across various platforms. With Tokeet’s channel manager, you can easily synchronize your availability, rates, and bookings with major sites like Airbnb,, VRBO, Expedia, and This automatic synchronization reduces the risk of double bookings and helps you manage your properties more effectively. By integrating with these popular channels, Tokeet enhances your reach, increases your bookings, and simplifies the complexities of managing a successful short-term rental business.

What Makes Tokeet a Top Choice For Your Vacation Rentals?

In addition to its robust automation features for messages, invoices, tasks, and events, Tokeet also allows you to create your own direct booking website that seamlessly syncs with your channel calendars. Dynamic pricing tools ensure you’re maximizing profits, while AI-driven guest communication provides personalized support, elevating your guest experience to new heights.

But the perks of using Tokeet don’t stop there. Our unparalleled customer support, free onboarding, and personalized 1-on-1 training set us apart. Don’t just take our word for it; our glowing reviews on Trustpilot speak volumes about the exceptional service you’ll receive as part of the Tokeet family.

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