We live in a digital age and consumers expect businesses to use technology to make their services, better, faster, and more accommodating.

As a vacation rental property owner, you don’t want to lose sight of the fact that your guests are using sophisticated digital gadgets to find you, book your listing, and plan their itinerary. When they arrive at their destination, they’ll expect technological solutions, apps, and digital tools to be a part of the amenities package.

So what can you do to wow your guests and make their stays more comfortable? Check out these top five coolest smart home devices that will be sure to impress them.

1. Voice-activated Virtual Assistants

Alexa and Google home devices can be turned into savvy, convenient voice-activated assistants for your guests. One in five U.S. consumers uses a tool like Alexa or Google Home, so chances are, your guests will appreciate this added convenience. You can program the device with specific requests and helpful information that your guests will most likely need.

How can an Alexa or Google Home device help you? The device can enhance automated check-in processes by covering safety information or giving guests a run-down of the property, or what the check-out policies are to name a few.

2. Smart Lighting for Luxury, Security, and Economics

Smart lighting devices can give an added luxurious, or high-tech feel to the property that your guests will enjoy. Smart lights can dim without the need of a dimmer switch. They can change color to suit the mood of a holiday, and some can even play music. More sophisticated models also change brightness according to the time of day, to either induce or switch off the body’s natural melatonin production so your guests can sleep well and feel rested while on vacation.

As a host, smart lights give you several benefits. For one, they can be controlled remotely via wireless. If you’ve had issues in the past with guests forgetting to turn off lights when they check out, this can give you added peace-of-mind and protect your energy bills from wastage. In addition, you can turn on the lights when the vacation rental is vacant to make it look like someone is there and deter thieves or burglars.

3. Smart Locks

Guests will love the ability to quickly check in with a simple keycode — no more fumbling for keys in the dark, or risking the loss of a key. For hosts, smart locks give added security. You can change the keycode for each set of guests, and if you get the more sophisticated models, you can change the codes remotely. You won’t have to worry about someone making a duplicate key and breaking into the house.

4. Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats can make your guests more comfortable, and keep your energy costs low. If guests are set to arrive in the dead of winter, you can turn up the thermostat a few hours before their check-in time to make sure the house is comfortable for them. Likewise, you can do the same in the high heat of summer, so the property isn’t stifling hot when they get there.

Once guests leave and the property will sit empty for a time, you can turn the thermostat down from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet to save on energy costs.

5. Smart Water Sensors

Is your property in an area prone to flooding or severe storms? There is nothing worse than fretting about the state of your property when the weather is terrible. If you live far away, it’s not easy to check your rental to make sure it’s in dry condition. Neighbors aren’t always available to look, either. And if your guests show up to a flooded mess, it can be terrible for your business.

Smart water sensors can be placed in areas of the home prone to flooding and water damage. You’ll know remotely if there is an issue so you can get it fixed asap- before guests arrive.

Technology is becoming an increasingly integral part of everyone’s lives. Travelers come to your vacation rental property to get away and see new and exotic sights, but they also want your property to be a comfortable “home away from home.” Unless you’ve specifically marketed your listing as a tech-free, back-to-basics deal, your guests are going to expect digital tools upon arrival. Smart home devices can make your guests’ stay more enjoyable, and make your life as a vacation rental owner easier, too.