There’s no denying that a lack of space is one of the first thing guests will notice upon arrival. In fact, one of the few objective terms used to describe properties is “spacious”. But, what if you don’t own a huge villa with a garden and swimming pool but a small studio. Can you still rent it? Of course!

Just make sure to turn it into a cozy and homey space that guests will fall in love with.

Here are some vacation rental decoration ideas for small rental spaces that will help you welcome your guests in a friendly, comfortable and practical environment. The goal is to make them return and recommend your vacation rental to other travelers.

Create Separate Living Areas

Your small studio may not have separate rooms, but try not to mix up the sleeping area with the dining or entertainment ones. Because the bed occupies quite a lot of space, it’s a good idea to start organizing your space from there. Separate the sleeping area with a minimal shelf unit, a folding screen or curtains. The bed will need to feel cozy and intimate, so feel free to add plenty of small pillows and blankets. Don’t hesitate to add personal elements, like a classic book collection, landscape or street photography and potted plants.

Try to separate the dining area as well by putting it close to the kitchen. You will also need a living area and, if the remaining space allows you, small dedicated spaces for reading or working, or where the kids can play.

One great way to separate these areas is by placing the furniture in clusters and using decor elements to bring the furniture pieces together. Think about these details from the very beginning when renovating your studio. That way, you can integrate the furniture in the very structure of the studio, by adding an accent wall in the living area, for example.

Use Modular Storing Units and Hide Whatever You Can

Clutter makes any space look busy and chaotic, regardless of how big or small. It will make your studio look negligent, crowded and tiring. Even if you do limit yourself to the bare minimum, these items may seem overwhelming if you leave them in plain view. That is where storage units can come to help. While some things like books or produce are meant to be displayed, other common household items, like cleaning tools, should stay behind closed doors.

Another way to efficiently use your space is to hide actual pieces of furniture. That will also help to clear out space. For example, a foldable table for the kitchen will save a lot of space and will immediately clear the area. Closets that are tailored to fit the space from ceiling to floor are the best option. Use modular units with boxes and baskets that can easily be moved around and help you store different objects.

Create a Unique Living Space

People want to experience exciting things and remember every minute of their vacation. If you offer them the same old budget Ikea furniture that doesn’t bring any charm to your home, they will reject your vacation rental property. Yes, they do want an affordable place to stay, but they will always choose the high-end looking rentals over an average, but slightly more affordable one.

Invest in unique furniture and vacation rental decoration items. Go to flea markets and antique shops in search of interesting, eccentric pieces. Just use accent pieces here and there and keep the rest clean and minimal, as your small space will not allow more than that.

Small vacation rentals can be a challenge to decorate, but following a few important principles will do wonders. Separate the living spaces, create a unique space with personality and hide clutter in custom made storage units. The rest will depend on your ability to offer great customer service and your vacation rental management skills. Good luck!