Our highly anticipated integration with Google’s vacation rental platform is here!

Every day, millions of users around the world use Google to plan their travels. This integration makes it easy to share up-to-date rates, availability, photos, descriptions, and more for your vacation rental on Google.

Here are some uses and benefits of Google’s vacation rental platform:

  1. Search and compare: Google’s vacation rental platform allows users to search for vacation rental properties and discover your listings across various different Google surfaces including Search and Maps on both Mobile and Desktop. Users can compare prices, amenities, and other details to find the best deal.
  2. Easy booking: Users are able to discover the direct booking website provided by Tokeet and navigate to your own site seamlessly.
  3. Comprehensive search filters: Users can apply a range of search filters to narrow down their options based on specific criteria such as price, location, number of bedrooms, and amenities.
  4. User reviews: Tokeet will be able to push user reviews to Google for each property, which can help users make informed decisions based on the experiences of others.

Google’s vacation rental listings offer a convenient and comprehensive platform for finding Vacation Rentals and being connected organically to book on your site with no promotional cost to Google.

Click here to get connected to Google’s vacation rental platform or check out our FAQs.