Messages posted from TV3 randomly not posting to airbnb

  • I have been encountering this issue completely randomly from time to time (but semi regularly).

    I respond via TV3 to an airbnb message. But it does not go to the airbnb account. There are no errors, and no matter how many times you try, no messages will post to airbnb from that inquiry within TV3!

    BUT . There is a workaround! You can login to the old tokeet mobile app on iOS and successfully post messages to that airbnb message thread!!!!

    Messages posted from Automata are successfully posting as well. It's only TV3 that doesn't work for some reason. No matter how you try to post the message, from the inbox, from the edit inquiry screen. Nothing works.

    I've been reporting this with tokeet support providing dozens of examples, for months. But it has NOT been resolved.

    Everyone should double check every message they post to airbnb, because it may not post for some reason

    You can confirm that the message has gone through to the guest by confirming that the echo response message import happens. If this does not happen, your message did not make it to the airbnb account in question.


  • Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 10.24.14 PM.png

  • UPDATE! If I delete the inquiry and re-import it, then I am able to post to airbnb from tv3! Still a major pain in the ass to find out that your response to a guest didn't make it to them days later...
    OBSERVATION! Re-import of inquiry brings in the FULL NAME of the guest, where previously it was only FIRST NAME @
    This could be a breakthrough. Airbnb only gives first name on SOME reservations, and then when booking confirmed, second name is provided if available!

    Original booking only had first name that was not able to have messages posted to airbnb, then the re-imported reservation comes in with first and last name!

  • Thanks tokeet team for your quick action on resolving this! First interaction with the community forum and this bug i've been explaining for months finally got actioned on and fixed within 12 hours!

    I look forward to providing detailed explanations of bugs here and communicating with other users to confirm they have the same issues so that we can work with team tokeet towards resolving pesky bugs that may otherwise be overlooked via intercom chat support.


    Hi Ryland,

    We worked on this again this morning and have been able to send a message successfully through to your guest Chad. We expect that this issue should be resolved going forward. You should be able to send messages from TV3 on any inquiries that were having this trouble before. There is no need to delete and re-import the booking anymore, but we need you to confirm to make sure. Setting up the exact scenario has been the major hold-up in getting this resolved.