Signature Updates January 6, 2022

  • STAFF Moderator

    Happy New Year! We have made a number of updates and bug fixes this month, including:

    Updated: Multiple files can now be uploaded at once in order to create a template, or use Sign or Send. The uploaded files will be merged together into a single document in the editor, based on a merge order that you can set. Learn more about it here.

    Updated: A groups column has been added to the Inbox page, to allow inbox documents to be sorted by their associated groups. To view this column, you will need to first edit the column headers. Learn more about it here.

    Updated: An ALL types filter has been added to the Templates page, to match the Inbox page.

    Updated: When creating a group with the same name as an existing group, a number will be added to the end to differentiate the new group from the original group.

    Updated: Documents can now be added to groups in bulk on the Inbox page, using the Change Group feature found under the Actions button.

    Updated: User access controls have been expanded with 2 new options to allow the specified user to view all items on the Templates and/or Inbox pages.

    Fixed: Drag-and-drop functionality on the Templates page was not working for some accounts. This issue has been fixed.

    Fixed: Filter counts were showing incorrectly depending on the user access settings. This issue has been fixed.

    Fixed: Translation errors have been corrected.