2022 Channel Manager (TV3) Pricing Change

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    We’d first like to thank you for your ongoing use of the Tokeet Channel Manager. We appreciate being an important partner in the success of your short-term rental business and intend to continue to rapidly grow our products and services to give you the best tools to make your business profitable and easy to manage.

    We spent a lot of time speaking with and listening to you, our customers, taking your feedback and direction to heart, and produced solutions to help you grow your business. We are pleased with the overwhelmingly positive feedback that we have received about each of these products and thank you for being a part of the process.

    Over the past few years we completed some of the most ambitious projects to date and successfully launched Webready, Sympl and Checklist while also relaunching Rategenie, Margins and Signature.

    When Tokeet entered the market in 2016 we wanted to show that it was possible to deliver a high-quality software suite at a fraction of the cost being charged by other providers. Our success with that approach attracted many competitors to the market, and we recently conducted an analysis of how our prices compare to those competitors. What we learned was that our prices were significantly below the market standard and this was holding us back from investing even more in our business.

    On July 25th we will be transitioning to a new pricing structure for the Tokeet Channel Manager (TV3). In short, we are switching to a per rental pricing structure with a unique price for each rental count. We are also removing any feature restrictions within the product such that every account may access all features.

    We’ll also be offering a yearly plan at a 20% discount for those who wish to have a contractual agreement. NOTE: This price change will not affect our existing yearly plan users. Those users currently on yearly plans will continue to keep their pricing until their plans expire. This pricing change does not affect any other products within the Tokeet product suite.

    If you have questions about our upcoming products or pricing changes please contact our support team.

    Read more about our pricing change here. You can also see exactly what your new price will be by clicking here.
    We’ve prepared an FAQ to answer your most important questions, click here.

    Thank you for being a loyal Tokeet user.