Rategenie Q4-Updates [2022]

  • Fixed: User settings page was not working, it's fixed now.

    Updated: Airbnb booking preference window, 9 months window and Dates unavailable by default option was missing. These fields are added now inside Rategenie.

    Updated: Multiple Gap night rules changes are now available. Using the latest feature changes, users will be able to add multiple Gap night rules for different Gaps between the bookings within their linked strategy. Also these changes will allow you the opportunity to fill gaps perfectly with bookings without having to worry about nights being lost.

    Updated: We have added Hold Events creation feature Inside Rategenie. Now you will be able to control the availability of your Listings within Rategenie for your listings without the use of a channel manager.

    Updated: We have updated Rategenie website to include updates about Rategenie new features changes that we have made recently and going forward we will keep adding new updates to our Rategenie website.

    Fixed: There was an issue where the wrong Airbnb room ID was mapped when we reload the browser page.

    Updated: Rategenie is now integrated with FantasticStay and is able to generate rates for this PMS. FantasticStay users can use these rates for their bookings and rentals by connecting with Rategenie and syncing rates.