Rategenie Q1 Updates [2023]

    • We have updated how we will show adjustment for occupancy base strategies on the rates breakdown, so that user can understand how is it calculated on different occupancy levels.


    • On the Listings page: API channels were not displaying for some cases even though user was using Tokeet channel manager and managing listings on different API channels. It's fixed now.

    • On the Listings page: Rentals United Listings data were not displaying inside Rategenie. It's fixed now.

    • On the Rates calendar: We have sorted Rategenie rentals based on Natural sort as we are doing in the case of Tokeet rentals. So now on both applications rental ordering is the same.

    • On the Rategenie website: In the Pricing section, by default, we are showing pricing for 1 Rental now, previously by default it was showing pricing for the rental count as 5.

    • We have added 'select as default' option on Rategenie Dashboard and Rategenie Multi-calendar rates page. Using this option you can set a default view whenever you log in to the application.

    • Holidu listings can now also use Rategenie rates. Holidu listings rate mapping will be auto-mapped inside Rategenie. Holidu listing rate push can be seen within Tokeet by going to connection detail page.

    • We have added Rental selection drop down option in the KPI section of Rategenie Dashboard. Now Users can see KPI information on the basis of single rental as well. By default we will show KPI for all rentals in the user account, but they can also select a single rental and multiple rentals now to see the KPI's.