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    I use currently, when I have another unit I will migrate to Tokeet.

    I want to create a string and embed this in the email that is sent to guests automatically.
    e.g.[booking reference]&param2=[booking checkin date]&param3=[Days Booked]&param4=[Internal Reference number]

    [booking reference] and [booking checkin date] are the example generic variables that or Tokeet use to help build emails to guests
    [Days Booked] is an example value that we have created to be used in the email
    [Internal Reference number] is a variable that may need to make an API call to obtain the next value

    so for example the URL built up could be

    Can I make API calls to obtain the next reference number available, e.g our reference number is in the form YYDDMM-XXX, where XXX is the next available sequence number for that day.
    The data received in the API, in this case the next reference number, call would then be used to construct the URL text which would then be placed in the email sent to the customer.
    The URL, when called, would then allow the customer to set their preferences, e.g. single or double beds required, do they require a parking space, is a travel cot required, etc.

    Thank you
    Hafiz Choudhury
    The Gemini Properties Team

  • STAFF Moderator

    Hi Hafiz. Sorry, but that is not possible. Reference numbers are generated randomly, and can't be predicted. The rest of the data fields you will be able to find in the data dictionary. You can read this help guide to learn more.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions. We're happy to help.