Tokeet confirms booking for wrong property - Airbnb API

  • i wanted to write hear about an issue I assume it should be common.

    Guest ask on airbnb about Property A
    then decided to book Property B
    Tokeet receives reservation, however, for Property A

    I have been asking support for a while now, but I haven't received any solution.

    I was wondering how other people deal with this and if there is a workaround.

    This issue has already caused us a few double bookings

  • never experienced this... Are you using new API?

  • Yes of course I am using the official API connection.

    This happens all the time, if a guest asks for a property and then decides to finally book an another one. Of course this is happening, with properties under the same airbnb account and it happens a lot because airbnb guests after viewing a property of us they usually browse other properties under our profile and sometimes they decide to go for a different property than the one the had initially inquire. Although airbnb confirms for the correct property Tokeet confirms for the one that the initial inquiry was made for. Then we have to either delete the booking on to Tokeet and import it again or manually change the property on Tokeet (we usually do that).

  • @Konstantinos-Kiamos that sounds like it really sucks. I guess we haven't experienced that because each of our properties has it's own airbnb account. Hopefully tokeet can sort that out.

  • I have talk with support a few times and it appears that is most an airbnb issue, airbnb api doesn't pass through the altered info with booking event, or something like that.

    Same thing happens if you make an alteration on airbnb site for a confirmed reservation to another property. Lets say a guest doesnot like the property and you would like to move him to another property. Since, you do not have the option to alter a reservation within tokeet you have to do this on airbnb, however, tokeet never gets updated about this.

    Always the case is for properties under the same profile, which is our case.