Automata trigger to respond to Airbnb inquiries and auto aprove

  • Add an option to be able to respond with a message to airbnb inquiries. Now if you set up a trigger for new inquiries you will also get this trigger every time someone books instantly, since tokeet creates an inquiry before confirm the booking (so 2 events at the same moment - 2 messages, assuming that there is a trigger set for booking confirmation).

    The only work around on this is to set the "inquiry" trigger to fire after some time the inquiry was created and only if the trigger for the booking confirmation has not yet fired. But again in this option the minimum delay time you can set is 1 hr, which is huge for responding with an automated message to a guest's inquiry (in my opinion).

    Also an automated pre-approval will be nice for airbnb.

  • STAFF Moderator

    Hi Konstantinos. We will be discussing both of these requests as a team this week. I cannot provide you with any predictions, as I am not certain that either of these requests are currently feasible with the existing Airbnb API design.

  • Its 100% possible. I am using a 3rd party service that is having this function, however, I was wishing to have all these under tokeet.