Correct Guest numbers Info from the OTA's brought into Tokeet

  • The problem of guest info coming through from Booking with for example 2 adults when in reality booking was for 2 adults and 2 children is still outstanding. This information should come through correctly, there is another section in the API which appears to have adult and child numbers split out (total can then be calculated) so the correct info is there and available. I sent the API extract to support some time ago so it would be good to have some feedback if this is going to be resolved soon as it causes an ongoing issue with cleaners setting up the apartment. They may see one guest but in reality, it's 1 adult and 3 children for example. From memory, I also can't even work around this myself by manually updating with the correct info in Tokeet as this gets overwritten. (and by that time the wrong info has gone out to the guest in their email confirmation creating further confusion anyway)

  • Agreed - this is causing us issues also.

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  • same here. plus plus

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    Hi. I wanted to followup on this thread to mention that this was a feature that needed to activate on their end. We have had them correct this, and now the guest count should be accurate. It will tally adults and children together under the adult count. This should provide cleaners with the correct information to prepare the room.