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  • Automata/Tokeet emails do not go through Expedia. The Expedia mask email simply blocks emails sent from Tokeet.
    Tokeet support official answer is that Expedia does not works with channel managers and they cannot do anything. Which, is unfortunately not true.

    1. Other channel managers do work
    2. Expedia let you use any email address to send messages to guests using the Expedia mask email. You only need to register the sender's email address. When I register my @XXXX.tokeetemail.com address Expedia do not receive any messages I sent from Tokeet. However, if I register any other email address (i.e. my personal or business email) and use that to send messages to the expedia mask email everything works fine.
      So in my understanding, Expedia supports messages sent outside their system as long as the sender address is registered. For some reason tokeetemail is blocked from Expedia even if it is registered as allowed sender in their system. I think that this has to do with authentication issues of Tokeet email, the same issue that makes a lot of Tokeet messages arrive on spam folder in many guests.
      I do not know if Tokeet support is fully aware of this, and if there are after a solution, however, I was wondering if anyone has find a work around to send Expedia guests Tokeet messages

  • Pro tip. You can actually ask Expedia to have the actual guest email sent to tokeet so you can communicate directly with the guest.

  • Thanks for the tip. I didn't know this is possible. I will ask them for it, hope they will approve it.

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