Co-hosting with Airbnb API

Airbnb is no longer supporting co-hosting through their API connections.

Airbnb advises that you log into Airbnb and switch to Hosting Team.

What’s the difference between a co-host and hosting team?

There are two ways to get extra support hosting on Airbnb: hosting teams and co-hosts. A hosting team usually manages a listing owner’s place, their guests, and their online listing. It may be a business or team of people that you have a legal contract with. A co-host is often a friend or family member acting alone.

To help you choose, here are the differences between co-hosts and hosting teams:

If switching to Hosting Teams is not possible, don't worry! With Tokeet you can either connect your Airbnb account as the main host or use iCal urls to connect your listings to Tokeet and Airbnb.

As always, please contact us with questions any time. We're happy to help.

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