Connecting Expedia with Tokeet

The process of connecting Expedia to Tokeet has two parts:

1. In Expedia PartnerCentral: 

  • Navigate to Rooms & Rates
  • Click Connectivity Settings
  • Select Tokeet for both (Rates & availability and Reservations)
  • Save changes

OR - Send a message via the "Contact us" form, and ask that Tokeet is designated as your channel manager. Please include your Expedia Hotel ID with your requests.

2. In Tokeet:

Please make sure you have rental rates defined for your rentals first.  You will need to push rates from Tokeet to Expedia as part of the connection process. Now, add your Expedia connection in Tokeet.  This process is illustrated below.  

  • Navigate to Channels > Add Channel
  • Select Expedia and click "Add"
  • Enter in your Expedia Property ID and click "Save"

Tokeet will proceed to import all rooms under this Property ID.

Click into each one and complete the following steps. 

  • Link to a Tokeet Rental and click "Save"
  •  From the orange Actions button, "Import Bookings."  This will import events from your Expedia calendar into Tokeet.
  • From the Actions button, "Push Rates". 

You will be asked to select a Tokeet Rate Category and a Channel Rate Category.

  • Click "Push Rate"
Note: changes in availability are instantly sent to your connected channels; however, rates need to be pushed by using the “push rate” option.  The platform is designed this way so that you can send rates to the API channels only when you decide to push them.  
  • From the Actions button, "Push Availability."  This will publish your updated Tokeet calendar to Expedia.

That's it!  Your Expedia connection is now active.  Repeat this process for all of your Expedia connections.

Note: If you are having trouble pushing availability, add a temporary Hold event to your Rental with status Confirmed.  Once the connection is made, you can go back and delete the Hold event.  Here's more info on Hold Events.

Virtual Cards

To accept virtual cards, the Stripe account MCC (Merchant Category Codes) should be set to 7011.

Since the connected accounts are all "standard" accounts, kindly reach out to Stripe directly if you would like to update your MCC, and if you get any issues after updating the MCC, please contact Stripe directly for further assistance.

A Standard account holder can log in to their account and reach out to Stripe via email at the URL here:

See this article on and Expedia payment details.

As always, please contact us with questions any time. We're happy to help.

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