Holidu API Requirements and FAQ

To successfully connect your Tokeet rentals via Holidu's API integration, please review the following listing content requirements below. Property managers with fifteen (15) rentals or more can connect to Holidu once the listing requirements are fulfilled.

Listing Content Requirements:

  • Rental bathroom count must be at least 1
  • Rental bedrooms count must be at least 1
  • Rental sleep max count must be at least 1
  • Rental description must be between 20 and 10,000 characters long
  • Rental display name must be between 8 and 255 characters long
  • Rental size count must be at least 1
  • Rental type must be selected
  • Rental address must be updated
  • At least 6 photos are required
  • At least 5 rental amenities are required
Rental details (description, amenities, images etc.) can be updated by navigating to the 'rentals' tab in Tokeet and clicking on the rental.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will I be expected to have an existing account with Holidu before attempting to connect via the API?
    Yes, please sign up here. Once you have registered, your provider ID will be given to be entered into Tokeet.
  2. How will guest payments be managed for the Holidu channel?
    Property Managers will be responsible for billing their guests. That means you would be required to have a payment gateway added to Tokeet. Holidu will pass on the guests' card information, and it would be stored in the payment gateway connected to Tokeet.
    Stripe Payment Processor
    Other Payment Options
    If there is a payment gateway shown on the integration page that you wish to connect to, please reach out to support with this request to be passed on to the billing team.
  3. Would I be able to manage my listings from the channel’s dashboard?
    You will be expected to primarily manage the listing details via the Channel Manager, you are expected to message guests booking via Holidu from Tokeet, you must make all booking changes via the channel manager.
  4. How can I edit guest requirements or restrictions for potential guests booking my property?
    When connecting using the API, these settings would be shown on Tokeet and can be modified and pushed over to Holidu.
  5. Is it possible to adjust my nightly rates or extra fees on Holidu? 
    As with any API channel connection, you are expected to add or edit nightly rates for your listings via the channel management system (Tokeet). Rates with the 'default' rate category will be pushed to Holidu, and property managers can use the channel adjustment to set different rates for that channel.

Important to note:

How booking fees work with Holidu:

  1. Holidu doesn’t support booking fees based on both guest threshold and length threshold.
  2. Holidu supports booking fees and taxes in Percentage only for the 'per stay modality'. Other types i.e. Per Person, Per Night, and Per Person/Per Night are not supported.
  3. Holidu also doesn’t support a day of the week, refundable, and taxable fields.

Holidu Notes:

  1. For Holidu, the additional guest fee doesn't apply to children.
  2. If we specify booking fees and taxes in percentage from .5 and higher, Holidu rounds off it and performs calculations on basis of the next higher integer.
  3. We push availability to Holidu in the following cases:

When a rental is updated in Tokeet.

Rates/Availability is updated in Tokeet.

If a booking is created or cancelled.

If you want to delete a listing from Holidu, please do it from Tokeet via the channel connections page.

Let us know if you have any further questions by reaching out to us at support@tokeet.com

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