How does the Mailchimp integration work?

What is MailChimp?

MailChimp is an email marketing service that’s popular with a wide variety of small business owners and individuals. It’s a powerful tool, and in combination with Tokeet it can be an enormous benefit to your vacation rental business.

There are several ways to export your guest to Mailchimp from Tokeet all depending on if the guest is new or not.

To export your guest to Mailchimp from Tokeet:

  1. New guest records should have both a first name and last name. (Separate by a space)
  2. Older guests who were created before connecting to Mailchimp and have a First Name only would not show up in Mailchimp unless you update their guest record. We updated their addresses.
  3. Older guests who were created before connecting to Mailchimp with a First Name and Last Name would only show up in Mailchimp when their guest record is updated. In this case, we updated the guest's birthday.
  4. Guests who were created after connecting to Mailchimp with First Name only would not be pushed to Mailchimp, you must then update the guest record as well for the guest to be pushed to Mailchimp.
  5. When a guest is deleted from your guest list in Tokeet that was pushed to Mailchimp, the guest would not be removed from Mailchimp. The guest would move from a state of being subscribed to unsubscribed. The user would then have to remove the guest in Mailchimp directly if they want the guest record to be completely removed from Mailchimp.
  6. If you update a guest email address in Tokeet, a new entry is created in Mailchimp for the guest, they would be contacted twice in Mailchimp. Once via the old email and twice via the new email.

Must Know:

You cannot send messages to your Mailchimp subscribers in Tokeet, this must be done solely in Mailchimp.

Subscribers cannot be synced from Mailchimp to Tokeet.

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