Margins - Monthly Rates

In the Monthly Rates section under Revenue, you'll be presented with information on the average and year over year (YoY) values relating to your monthly revenue.

This is broken down into a Gross ADR Chart, Average lead time chart and Monthly Rates Summary.

Gross ADR Chart - This shows the distribution of gross ADR across the months.

Average lead time Chart - This shows the distribution of lead time across the months.

Hovering over the different points on the charts will display the total for that month.

See more for terminology here:

Lead : Difference in days between booking date and guest arrival date

ADR: The average rental revenue earned for an occupied rental per day

The Filters button above allows you to only view information based on the currency, year, booking status, rentals and sources.

The Monthly Rates Summary shows a breakdown of your revenue each month based on the fields below. It also allows you to print and download the data as a CSV or Excel file.

Value: Sum of revenue/number of days in a month

YoY (year over year) %: Percentage of difference between the current year and previous year Revenue of the same month

YoY = (currentYearMonthRevenue - prevYearMonthRevenue) / prevYearMonthRevenue *100

Gross ADR: Total Gross Revenue/number of days in a month

Avg lead time: Total lead count in month/number of days in a month

As always, please contact us with questions at any time.  We're happy to help.

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