Creating Owner Statements

Owner statements allow you to let owners know exactly how much they have earned each month. To create an owner statement you must have owners created in Tokeet, and you must also assign owners to specific rentals. An owner is just another Tokeet user who belongs to the Property Owner user g roup. Please do not add owners to any other groups.

Also, before you get started creating statements, please create your payout rules. Payout rules allows you to automatically calculate the payout for each booking on the statement. If you don't have payout rules you will have to enter each statement line item total manually. 

Click on the Owners tab at the top right of any page. This will take you to the owner module. Once in there, click on the Owner Statements link in the lower left side navigation. This will display a list of statements which you have previously created, if any. Now click the green ADD button at the top right of the table to create a new statement.

Tokeet allows you to create owner statements by specifying the owner and month in which you wish to create the statement. You may also select individual rentals belonging to that owner, and also limit to bookings from a specific channel. This allows a high amount of granularity when creating your statements. Each booking must begin in the specified month for it to match the statement filter. Tokeet does not consider booking creation date when applying the statement filter.

Once you have selected the statement filters, Tokeet will gather all the bookings which match the filters and look for a matching payout rule for each booking. It will then apply the formula of the payout rule to the matched booking to get the payout amount for the booking. The statement will then be created with each booking as a line item.

You may manually override the payout amount calculated by Tokeet by simply clicking on the payout amount and entering a new value. If you wish to go back to the automatically calculated value, after you've entered a manual override, simply remove the manually entered value and Tokeet will calculate the payout again.

If you have any questions creating owner statements please let us know.

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