Owner Center Portal

The portal module allows you to enter a subdomain for your portal. This domain will be used by your owners when logging into the Owner Center portal (this domain name will be used by all of your clients to access the owner portal). The portal allows you to send instructions to your owners as well as the ability to view their portal’s page to ensure they are seeing the correct information.

To navigate to your portal:

You must click Portal on the top navigation bar.

Portal Customization:

Portal Customization is what allows you to set your domain which will be used by your owners when logging into the owner center portal. Under this section you will be able to also set your logo associated with your business and the font you wish to use.

View as an Owner:

This feature authorizes you to view your Owner’s portal page from their account’s perspective. This is to ensure that the Owners are seeing all the data you would like them to have access to.

Sending instructions to your Owner:

Send your Owners instructions on how to access the portal and how to use it.

On the same Portal page as the previous step, you will see a button labeled "Send Instructions". Click it and select the profile from the dropdown list, then complete your message on the following overlay screen. When finished, the instructions will be mailed directly to the owner!

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