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For many vacation rental managers, the Owner Center is a critical piece of their sales pitch. It allows you to provide each of your clients with their own customized reports, individual access to their rental property details and performance, isolated revenue streams for payments, and more. Before you can begin, you'll need to set up your Owner Center by following the steps below:

  1. Set up a domain for your owner portal.

    This domain name will be used by all of your clients to access the owner portal.
  2. Create an owner profile (if you haven't already).

    First, navigate to the Owners page in the Owner Center's top menu, then click the green "Add" button.
    From there, you may fill out your client's details.
  3. Enable portal access and choose your owner's access permissions.

    On the Owners page, click on the owner you wish to edit to open up the user settings. The default will be Basic Information - scroll down to find the Customize Portal settings. Here, you will find all of your owner profile's visibility/access settings, as well as the option to enable or disable portal access entirely.

    By default, none are checked - be sure to enable access for every new profile.
  4. Add your owner's rentals to their owner profile!

    Without any associated rentals, an owner profile is essentially useless. To add rental units to the profile, click on the Owner Rentals tab at the top of the user settings overlay page, then click the green "Associate" button on the right.
    A new overlay window open that will allow you to select your owner's rental units:
    After adding a unit and enabling portal access, your client can now use their login credentials (created during the profile creation stage) at the portal access URL to view any reports/statements you've enabled for them.

    To configure owner payments, you'll have to add a gateway from the Payment Gateway tab on the profile overlay page.
  5. To ensure your clients are seeing all the data you'd like them to have access to, you may choose to view their portal page from their account's perspective.

    To do so, navigate to the Portal page from the main Owners Center menu. From there, you may select "View as Owner" and choose which owner profile perspective you'd like to see from the dropdown:
  6. Send the owner instructions for portal login and use.

    On the same Portal page as the previous step, you will see a button labeled "Send Instructions". Click it and select the profile from the dropdown list, then complete your message on the following overlay screen. When finished, the instructions will be mailed directly to the owner!

And now you're ready to start providing your clients with tailored reports and services!

As always, please contact us with questions any time.  We're happy to help.

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