Owner Management Overview

Tokeet provides some powerful and time saving features to help you manage your owners and empower them to do more. 

You may add your owners to Tokeet which allows them to login to the dashboard and see certain information. An owner is just another Tokeet user, but assigned only to the Property Owner group. It's important that you do not assign your owners to additional groups otherwise they may gain unwanted privileges. You may add owners via the User Settings section of your dashboard Settings or in the Owner module in Tokeet. You must also assign an owner to their rental for them to access that rentals data.

When owners log into Tokeet you have full control over what sections they are able to access, and you can enable/disable these sections at will. You may enable your owners to see Payouts information, Reports, Statements, Invoices, or add their Payment gateway. 

  • The Payouts section allows owners to see how much to earn from each booking. You control the earning calculation via Payout Rules.
  • The Reports section allows owners to see detail reports about their booking activity.
  • The Statements section allows owners to view monthly income statements within Tokeet. You must create these statements individually and enable each for viewing by the owner.
  • The Invoices section allows you to create invoices for your owners which they may pay online directly from the Tokeet dashboard.
  • Finally, the Payment section allows an owner to connect their own Payment Gateway to your Tokeet account so they may directly collect revenue from bookings associated with their rentals.

We will go into each section in more detail in other articles.Each of these sections significantly streamline and simplify your owner management while giving your owners the right amount of visibility into their rentals, bookings, and revenue. The most important thing is you maintain complete control and decide what, if anything, your owners are allow to see.

If you have any questions about the Owner Module please let us know.

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