Payout Rules

You may create owner statements and owner invoices directly within Tokeet. Also, using the newly released Payout Rules, you can create payout formulas for each booking you receive. These formulas get automatically applied when creating a new invoice or statement for an owner.

A payout rule instructs Tokeet to calculate a specific payout, or payable amount, for each booking in an owner statement or invoice. Payout rules apply to bookings which match the rule restrictions. So, if you want a different payout amount for different owners, or different channels, or different rentals, etc you may create a rule for each case. Tokeet will then find a matching rule for each booking depending on the booking's rental, owner, or channel when you are creating an invoice or statement for an owner.

The Rule Restrictions allow you to limit your rule to only specific bookings. Each restriction is cumulative, so a booking must match all restrictions for the rule to apply. You may also leave any restriction empty. In this case your rule will match any value in that restriction. For example, let's say you want to match all bookings for a specific rental (Lovely Home) from You will select the rental from the dropdown, then also select as the channel. You will not select an owner. Now, whenever you create a statement or invoice that contains bookings for Lovely Home from, this rule will apply and the payout/payable amount will be automatically calculated by Tokeet.

If two rules can potentially match a booking then the higher priority number will win. The larger the priority number the more important the rule. If two rules have the same priority, then Tokeet will chose one at random - typically the first one created. Priority cannot be manually adjusted and is based on the rule settings. The more specific your rule, i.e. the more restrictions it has, the higher its priority. Priorities start at zero and go to 6. A rule with no restrictions selected will be priority 0 and will only apply if no other rule matches a booking.

The Payable amount is the reverse of the Payout amount. In the case of invoices Tokeet will calculate a payable amount. This is the sum of all deductions made via the payout rule. For example, if you have a rule which subtracts 10% for fees and 20% for commission from the booking total, then the payable amount will be 30% of the booking total while the payout amount will be 70% of the booking total.

If you have any questions about Payout Rules please let us know.

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