How to Set Up Distinct Rates for Channels

Tokeet allows you to push rates to connected API channels in two ways

  1. Create multiple rate categories specific to every channel and then push those categories.
  2. Use Chanel Adjustments with Tokeet's default rate category.

Method 1: Creating multiple rate categories

Suppose you are connected to three different API channels and you want to push the following rates to these channels:



To achieve this, you have to create three different rate categories. To create a custom rate category follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Rates.
  2. Click on a Rental.
  3. Go to Rates Table / ADD RATES.
  4. Add a Standard Rate and in the Rate Category field type “airbnb” then create the rate.
    Similarly, create Rate Categories for and Expedia.
  5. Now, go to the Rate Mappings tab and add a mapping for each channel.
  6. Now click "PUSH ALL RATES" button and you are done.

Method 2: Using Channel Adjustments with TV3 default rate category

Please follow this article if you want to push distinct rates to every API channel using the TV3 Channel Adjustment feature.

Note: Channel adjustments are applied to the "default" rate category. Once channel adjustments are added to a rental, "default" rates take priority and will be sent to the channels during the rate push.

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