Improving your Airbnb ranking

Ever wondered how some listings are always at the top of the list when you search on Airbnb? Is your listing missing from the top 10? Well, Airbnb has formulated a special algorithm for generating their search rankings. It's most basic task is to show listings that have the best chance of getting a reservation at the top of the list. It's important that you understand this algorithm and all of the factors it considers if you want a top ranking Airbnb listing.

One of the most important tasks of any Airbnb host is to respond quickly to every inquiry. Responding quickly does more than just make the guest feel comfortable. Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Before booking most guests are not committed to any particular rental or host. A guest will often contact a few Airbnb hosts in their desired area when looking for a place to stay. If you reply quickly you will be communicating with them before they contact another host. If you're the first host to respond then you can take control of the discussions and lead the guest to your rental by selling them the specifics of your listing. It is important to build a rapport with each guest quicker than the competition so always try to respond first.
  • A quick informative reply is validating. Your future guests may have spent a few hours comparing listings before finding your gem listing and your response is their reward. Most want to book, maybe after a quick check. A quick reply validate their choice and encourage them to book.
  • Here is the most important thing about replying fast, your response time is monitored by Airbnb. Every time you receive a new inquiry, or a new request to book, a countdown starts. It doesn't really matter what your response is: any sign of life stops the timer. This is why Instant Book is so powerful for Airbnb's search. In addition to a boost on its own, a response time of 0 second is added when the "virtual" request to book has been automatically accepted. Airbnb monitors your response time down to a second so every second counts.

Tokeet Triggers can help you get to the top of the rankings by automatically responding to guests whenever they send you an inquiry. You decide what template you want to use and Tokeet will do the rest. Triggers are a great way to improve your response rate on Airbnb and improve your listing rank in the Airbnb search results. Click here for more information about Triggers.

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