Setting Push Notification Triggers

Tokeet allows you automate notifications based on different actions so that you never miss a deadline or fail to send necessary information to your guests or team members. Here how to set push notification triggers within Tokeet.

  1. From your main Tokeet page, navigate to Settings > Automations
  2. On the Automation page, select the Event type and sub type that you would like to initiate the sending of a push notification.
  3. Set a configuration for all required fields.

    Perform this action: Choose which type of Message Template to send. Choose Push Notification.
    From this Channel (optional): Select one or more channels to trigger the sending of a notification. Blank will be all channels.
    For these rentals (optional): Select one or more rentals to trigger the sending of a notification. Blank will be all rentals.
    Send to these people: Select at least one internal Tokeet user to be notified.
    Use this template: Select a Push Notification template to be used for this trigger.
  4. Once you’ve created a Push Notification trigger, selected recipients will receive an automated Push Notification in the event of the action you’ve specified.

For more information about Tokeet automation and triggers, visit our Support database or contact a Tokeet Support expert.

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