Google Vacation Homes - Fixing Rental Errors

Before adding listings to the Google's vacation rental platform, there are certain requirements that are needed for your rentals.

Rentals will show a "Fix" button when there are errors with your rentals. These will need to be corrected before the rental can be listed on Google.

To fix or see the errors regarding rentals for Google Vacation Rentals (GVR), click on GVR in the API Channels list:

If you have already gone through the activation process for rentals, you will see that there are 3 types of rentals:

  1. Those which haven’t gone through any activation process yet. You will see an “Activate” button under the Action column.
  2. Those where all errors have been fixed will be second in the list and the Activation status toggle will be seen as enabled.
  3. The third type will be the rentals that contain errors. To view or correct errors, you can click on "Edit" or "Fix" button. You will see the list of errors that need fixing.