Connecting to Homeaway/VRBO with Tokeet

Homeaway (VRBO) is integrated with Tokeet via an iCal connection.

In order for your Homeaway iCal connections to work with two-way synchronization, you will want to both export a Tokeet calendar into Homeaway, as well as import a Homeaway calendar into Tokeet.

Export Tokeet Calendar to Homeway/VRBO

In Tokeet: Navigate to Channels > "Add Channel"

  • Select "Homeaway/VRBO"  from the pulldown menu

  • Click "Select"
  • In the "Exported Calendars" section of the page, click "Add"
  • Select Tokeet Rental
  • Click "Export"
  • On the subsequent page, copy your Tokeet calendar URL for this rental.  Click Done
  • In Homeaway: Go to My Properties and navigate to left of the screen and click "Calendars" and "Reservations"
  • On the subsequent page, you will be presented with the "Reservations Calendar"
  • Navigate to the Import/Export section of the calendar and choose Import calendar.
  • On the pop up, choose a name for the Import calendar and Paste the URL that was copied from your Tokeet Export Calendar.
  • Click Import Calendar

Your Homeaway account is now receiving events from your Tokeet calendar for this rental!

Next, import your Homeaway calendar into Tokeet.

Import Homeaway/VRBO Calendar into Tokeet

In Homeaway: On the same Reservations Calendar click Import/Export and then scroll to Export Calendar. Clicking there will display the Homeaway URL. Copy this URL as you will be importing this calendar URL into Tokeet.

Please note that HomeAway/VRBO provides an option to export either tentative or non-tentative reservations. For the purposes of blocking time on the calendar, you will want to select non-tentative. Choosing the option to send tentative reservations will result in inquiries blocking dates on your Tokeet calendar rather than only confirmed bookings.

In Tokeet: From the same Channels page:

  • In the "Imported Calendars" section of the page, click "Add"
  • Complete required info:
    Give your calendar a name
    Select Rental which will be updated with events from your Homeaway calendar
    Calendar URL: paste your Homeaway iCal URL
    Click Import

Your Tokeet calendar is now updated with events from Homeaway!  You will notice the two way connection is evident by both an Import and Export connection for each rental.

Repeat this process for all your rentals. 

On your Channels page, you will be able to see the two way connection next to your Homeaway channel with the words Exported and Imported

What to Expect Next

  • Tokeet will import all of your Homeaway/VRBO bookings and blocked dates.
  • All imported Homeaway/VRBO events become Hold Events in Tokeet
  • iCal is a calendar link only.  You will want to continue managing rates in Homeaway.
  • You can convert Hold Events to Bookings in Tokeet and enter additional info, by clicking on the Hold Event on your Tokeet calendar and clicking "Convert".

As always, please contact us with questions any time.  We're happy to help.

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