Tokeet Integration with Doinn

What is Doinn?

Doinn is a technology bridge between property rental managers and quality local service providers that gets your properties ready for the next guests without all the work. Easily provide a five star experience for your guests with Certified cleans, Laundry, Linen and Towel Rental and Concierge Services.

Find out more about Doinn in our blog post.

Why use Doinn with Tokeet?

🟒 Cleaners you can trust with 0% no-shows.

🟒 Quality services: Cleaning, Laundry, and Linen Rentals.

🟒 All services are available a click away.

🟒 Connect your Tokeet account to our platform and generate automatic turnovers for your rental!

Connecting Doinn to Tokeet

You must first create a Doinn account. This can be done on their website.
Login Doinn

After register in Doinn platform, you can create your properties in Doinn with the correct details. Depending on the number of properties you can add one by one manually (option One Property) or upload several properties by excel (option Many Properties)

First time login

If you already have some properties, go to properties tab and click "Use PMS integration" in the menu on the right.

Go to PMS integrations
Go to Tokeet integration

Here you can activate the integration connecting your Tokeet and Doinn account

Enable connection
You will see a screen like this to enable the connection:

Keep in mind your properties from Tokeet will be match to your properties in Doinn.

Credentials login
Doinn will collect all properties from your Tokeet account, like this:

You should see the same 'created' amount as the rental count in your Tokeet account.

Integrating Tokeet
Now you can define your Doinn Tokeet integration settings:

Automate the services you would like to outsource with Doinn and the default check in and check out hours of your properties.

Automations Tokeet
Integration ready

Reservations will be synced and services generated automatically in the next poll. You can then click ok and proceed to purchase in one click or contact Doinn for a full automated process.

Tokeet active

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