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Tokeet has a number of simple yet powerful ways to control access to data. Each Tokeet user account can be assigned to one role which controls the level of access the user has and which sections of the application the user may access. For example, the Housekeeper role cannot access financial data or guest messages. They are also restricted from configuration options. But even within a role you may specify which rentals a user may access.

Here is an example. Lets say you have multiple rentals and different staff for each rental. You now want to add all of your staff to one Tokeet account, however you don't want them to have access to each others rentals. The solution is to restrict users from one rental from seeing the data of other. Here's how.

Click on the Rentals menu at the top of any page to go to your list of Rentals.

  • Now click on the rental you're interested in restricting.
  • At the top of the rental settings overlay you will see a yellow button labeled SETUP. Click on this button then select the User Restrictions option.
  • Find and select all users who you wish to restrict from this Rental.

Now, when those user log into Tokeet they will no longer see data associated with that Rental on any of the section in Tokeet.

Users can also be restricted from viewing rentals by editing their user profile. If you are the Admin user for your account you can do this under Settings > User Settings.

If you have questions about user access restrictions please let us know. We're always happy to help.

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