Fix cleaning fee setup

  • Currently cleaning fee is considered as a tax and if enabled is added very every inquiry. So if you receive an airbnb booking that already includes cleaning fee on the rate the "Tokeet cleaning fee" will be added on the inquiry summary. This leave us with the choice to either disable cleaning fee so reservation details from OTAs is accurate or enable cleaning fee and ignore Tokeet data and reporting.

    Cleaning fee should be associated with both rates and channel and the rental. So for example we should be able to choose to have cleaning fee for Tokeet website reservation and not for airbnb.

    Until fixing this offering the same rates on Tokeet website and channels is almost impossible if you use cleaning fee in your pricing model.


    Hi Konstantinos,

    This is definitely an issue we are aware of. We look forward to updating everybody on some major improvements to the invoicing module which will address this need among others. Please look out for further updates on this.