Rateginie min/max

  • Rareginie min/max function should only work on default rate and not in all channel conversation rates (or should be ignored on all channels when adding a manual rate).
    I.e. if you set a minimum 100$ and you have set +20% conversion for BDC and then for a few days you want to add manually a big discount lets say 70$/night this will result BDC to not to get 70$+30%=84$ but 100$ instead as this is the minimum. In order to make the rate work on BDC you only have the option to lower the min rate to 80$, but this may have as a result to get lower rates on future months which is the reason you got a minimum of 100$ in the first place.

  • STAFF Moderator

    Hi Konstantinos. This has been discussed at length, and it is possible to change this behavior. However, this would entail a change to the way Rategenie generates rates that might catch some users off-guard. Our concern is that the behavior of the channel adjustment rule is a known quantity now, and we would need significant lead time on implementing such a change, so that users who expect the min and max to be enforces on channel adjustments aren't suddenly facing a situation where those guardrails are no longer in place.

    Again, we can implement this change, but it will require considerable user feedback. We're currently reaching out to our early adopters to gauge user feedback, and we will make a decision afterwards, as to which features need updating.

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