Channel Management.

Simplify your channel management while keeping full control of all your channels.

Tokeet has re-imagined channel management so you have full control and visibility.

 Easy To Use

Designed to be the most advanced and user friendly channel manager on the market. Tokeet has API integrations with the most important channels like Airbnb,, and Expedia so you can utilize all the most advance features of each. Setup is fast and we provide lots of helpful instructions to make it easy.

 Automatic & Instant Synchronization

Synchronization with the top channels is automatic and instant. Instant booking notification means all channels are updated within seconds of a booking. Sleep easy knowing Tokeet is in full control and all your channels are up to date.

 Nothing is hidden

Tokeet provides complete visibility into exactly what's happening. You can see when your channels were synced and what data was sent to each channel. There is no black box or hidden communications. Our activity logs allow you to trace every pricing change and know exactly when each update was made.

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Stop Overbookings On All Channels

Tokeet synchronizes availability on all your channels automatically. with instant API synchronization with Airbnb,, and Expedia so you never risk overbooking your most important channels. We also synchronize calendars with Flipkey, VRBO, HolidayLettings, and many more.

Receive instant booking notifications from Airbnb,, and Expedia and automatically import booking details like price, dates, and guest information into Tokeet. Stop waiting for your calendars to sync on your most important channels.

Advanced Rate Management Optimizes Your Revenue

Tokeet's Advance Rate Management gives you maximum control over your rates and provides some of the most sophisticated tools on the market.

  • Use our Dynamic Rates to automatically increase your prices on all channels as your occupancy increases. Simply set a low introductory rate, then as bookings start coming in your rates will be automatically increase to optimize revenue.

  • Our Reverse Dynamic Rates will lower your rates if your availability is too low over a specific time horizon. With Reverse Dynamic Rates you start with your most aggressive price then Tokeet will lower this rate if occupancy is low in the coming week.

  • Our Promotional Rates allow you to override rates for a specific period of time without having to adjust everything.
Our revenue management is second to none and allows you to generate the most revenue for your vacation rentals.

Complete & Seamless Integration

Tokeet's channel manager was designed to integrate seamlessly into the Tokeet application and work with all of our other features.

  • Save guest billing details automatically using your connected payment gateway.

  • Get notified whenever a new booking is received and automatically send emails, contract, and other information to your guests.

  • Pre-approve inquiries on Airbnb and message guests directly from Tokeet.

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Need Help Getting Setup?

Tokeet support will provide FREE assistance getting setup with channel management. Message us today and get started in minutes.

Customer Support Is Our Killer Feature

We know that Tokeet is critical to your business and you need answers immediately. That's why we have real-time support via our chat app. You can also contact us anytime at 1-855-4-TOKEET if ever you need to speak to us. We pride ourselves on our support and take even more pride in our 10 minute median response time to support requests.

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