Available Now: Rategenie Mobile App
Available Now: Rategenie Mobile App

June 11, 2019

Download the brand new Rategenie mobile application to start managing your dynamic pricing on the fly! Native design for Android and iOS.

Outdoor Spaces: From Footnote to Feature
Outdoor Spaces: From Footnote to Feature

May 31, 2019

Your outdoor space shouldn't be an afterthought - a little creativity and inspiration can help you transform your garden into your property's crown jewel.

Creating a Vacation Rental Welcome Book
Creating a Vacation Rental Welcome Book

December 14, 2018

Having a beautiful, personalized vacation rental welcome book is a great way to improve your guests' experience and improve your reviews!

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Four or five years ago, the web was awash with articles featuring emphatic proclamations about fail-safe vacation rental retirement plans. Many of the headlines were presenting the idea of VR…

To put it in simple terms, owner management is the separation and organization of revenue streams, reports, listings, of property-owning clients. Surprisingly, it’s an often neglected aspect of vacation rental…

Our very own trendsetting dynamic pricing application, Rategenie, has gone mobile! Rategenie subscribers can now manage their rentals’ pricing strategies from the road. Alongside Tokeet Mobile, your VRM business has…

If there’s one single element of a vacation rental listing that can make bookings without the help of anything else, it’s the property photos. Likewise, if there’s a single element…

When it comes to vacation rental properties, it’s all too common for owners to spend all of their efforts decorating the interior and leave the outdoor space as an afterthought.…