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Simplifying Short-term Rental Management.
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Our mission is to develop software solutions that make short-term rental management easy and fun, without compromising on enterprise-level features. We're passionate about this goal, and as vacation rental owners ourselves, believe in using our own software.

While looking online for a simple solution to help manage his vacation rentals, our founder realized that nothing existed that truly fit his desired needs. Most of the established solutions were either poor adaptations of older hotel and property rental systems, or were newer products that didn't fully reflect all of the various aspects of vacation rental management. Most importantly, they were difficult to use.

After frustratingly trying to use a few of the available solutions he gave up and decided that the market needed a new and innovative approach. He assembled a team and within a few months had launched the web version of Tokeet.

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We believe that by empowering our users to do more they will succeed and so will we. Tokeet understands that our users trust us to help them operate their businesses, whether it's a one man show or a large corporation. We take that trust seriously and go the extra mile to ensure that our software is available and ready to use whenever you need it. At Tokeet your success is our success.

Tokeet is a complete rental management workflow platform. It's designed for companies and individuals alike. The base module is filled with everything you need and nothing you don't. If you want added features we also offer a host of add-ons to expand Tokeet in whatever way you like. We believe that everyone should have access to our software, this is why we offer a wide range of plans for those with basic needs and beyond. However, if your needs grow then so does Tokeet. With our enterprise solutions we're scalable to hundreds of users with thousands of rentals

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What We Believe

Creating software is as much an art as it is a science. Everyone has their own personal interpretation of the right answer and no two solutions are exactly alike. At Tokeet we embrace this idea and strive to always focus on the user. We believe in making the complex simple and that a simple solution will always be favored over a complex one. That's why our software looks and feels simple yet solves some very complex workflow problems.

We believe that customer support is a key part of our solution and so we offer many resources to get you going quickly. We've created in-application contextual help so you learn each key feature of Tokeet. We've also put together a series of video tutorials for those who prefer sound and motion. If your question is not covered by any of these resources then you can simply start a conversation with us from anywhere within the application with two clicks. We're always happy to help.

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