Get one-on-one support
when you need it

Our Customer Support team helps clients via online chat, which is great for giving quick advice and sharing the right documentation. But what about clients that need more than that? Some businesses just work better with relationships - Customer Success professionals you know personally who know your business and are there for help when you call… or are calling you!

Tokeet’s Premium Services offering fills that need. With a subscription based on your unit count you will have access to services such as:

Dedicated full service Account Manager with Tokeet technical skills.

Live virtual training with your data.

Early access to features in beta.

Don’t want to worry about setting up your account?
You’ll get actual configuration support as well as front desk services to take booking requests and questions from your guests.


Our reps have answers.

Ask about Tokeet products, pricing, implementations, or anything else - our highly trained reps are standing by, ready to help.

OR 1-855-4TOKEET