Create a flawless guest experience and become a vacation rental super host while saving more time. Automata is part of the Tokeet suite.

Impress guests &
increase your ratings

Create an exceptional guest experience by delivering the right information to your guests at the right time, in their own language.

  • Hand-in-Hand assistance

    Keep your guests and staff informed and empowered from inquiry to checkout by providing hand-in-hand assistance at every stage of the guest journey, automatically.

  • Communicate with your guests

    Communicate with your guests or staff via email, SMS, or push notification, and keep everyone informed of any changes in the booking details.

  • Tokeet message thread

    When a guest replies back to your SMS or email, their message is automatically saved in their Tokeet message thread.

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Quickly create hassle-free automation

  • Simple Setup

    With sample templates, get all your automated messaging ready in a snap.

  • Get Organized

    View all of your rental-specific messaging in flow or list form, so you always know what messages will be sent when.

  • Easy Scalability

    With the ability to duplicate a workflow, scaling your automated messaging across hundreds of rentals has never been easier.

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Easily access Automata
through Tokeet

  • Stay Informed

    The bookings page lets you see your latest bookings, and the latest triggers that have fired for them, at a quick glance.

  • Complete Control

    Track your guest's journey with a detailed trigger workflow that lets you easily skip specific triggers for each booking.

  • Extreme Detail

    View not only which triggers have fired, but the content of those sent messages, as well. Know exactly what your guest knows, when they know it.

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Stay well informed

  • Stay Alert

    Always know what the last messages sent to your guests were, so that you know up-to-the-minute everything that your guest knows.

  • Monitor Activity

    Easy-to-read graphs give you all the information you need about what types of messages have been sent recently.

  • Recent Events

    Your activity feed will keep you instantly informed of all of your guest's recent activities.

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