Tokeet has re-imagined channel
management so you have full control
and visibility.

Easy To Use

Setup is fast and we provide lots of helpful instructions to make it easy. Designed to be the most advanced and user-friendly channel manager on the market. Tokeet has API integrations with the most important channels like Airbnb,, and Expedia so you can utilize all the most advanced features of each.

Automatic & Instant Synchronization

Sleep easy knowing Tokeet is in full control and all your channels are up-to-date. Synchronization with the top channels is automatic and instant. Instant booking notification means all channels are updated within seconds of a booking.

Nothing is hidden

Our activity logs allow you to trace every pricing change and know exactly when each update was made. Tokeet provides complete visibility into exactly what’s happening. You can see when your channels were synced and what data was sent to each channel. There is no black box or hidden communications.

Much More Than Just
Airbnb Management Software

There’s no shortage of dedicated Airbnb management software options out there, but none of them are true channel managers.

  • Flexibility

    Tokeet puts you ahead of the game whether you need to manage your own rental or multiple home owners’ properties. When we say flexibility, we mean our software can do it all.

  • Flexible Pricing Platform

    Only pay for what you need, with no booking fees with our pricing structure.

  • Innovative Add-on Apps

    Automate your communication, maximize profits & direct bookings, dynamically generate rates and more with our innovative add-on apps.

Stop Overbookings On
All Channels

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you never risk overbooking your most important channels. Tokeet synchronizes availability on all your channels automatically with instant API synchronization with Airbnb,, Agoda, Homeaway, and Expedia.

  • Sync calendars with iCals

    We also synchronize calendars with iCals, Holiday Lettings, and many more.

  • Instant Notification

    Receive instant booking notifications from the top channels and automatically import booking details like price and dates.

  • Full Transparency

    View activity logs showing the prices and availability that are sent to the channels.

Complete & Seamless

Stay in the know with notifications and enjoy the ease of having all of your information and features in one place.

  • Save Billing Details

    Save guest billing details automatically using your connected payment gateway.

  • Pre-approve

    Pre-approve inquires on Airbnb and message guests directly from Tokeet.

  • Get Notified

    Get notified whenever a new booking is received and automatically send emails, contracts, and other information.


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