How to Become a Superhost on Airbnb and Boost Your Earnings Did you know that only 19.4% of Airbnb hosts earn the prestigious title of superhost? (Airdna) That’s less than one in five! The Airbnb Superhost program recognizes hosts who consistently go above and beyond, providing exceptional service for their guests. Also, Did you know that you can charge less but still earn more? The key is to increase your occupancy rates. And becoming…

Thank you for using Tokeet! As you might have noticed we’ve been very busy here at Tokeet. In 2019 we completed some of the most ambitious projects in our history and successfully launched Rategenie, Tokeet v3, Owner Center, and Margins. We spent a lot of time speaking with and listening to you, our customers, taking your feedback and direction to heart, and produce solutions to help you grow your business. We are pleased with the…

Everyone who owns or manages vacation rentals will quickly become familiar with their seasonal traffic. After the first couple years of operation, you may find yourself wondering if there’s anything to do to remedy your seasonal slumps. It can be extremely frustrating knowing there’s a beautiful property sitting vacant.

Setting effective and profitable rates is a major hurdle for vacation rental owners and first-time managers. And rightfully so, it’s a big subject that requires research and constant monitoring. Of course, it’s possible to set a flat rate that guests find fair and allows you to make a profit. But your occupancy will be severely limited, and success is certainly short-lived.