There’s a lot of info out there covering vacation rental management, so it can often be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. For those just entering the business, working with poor advice or inflated expectations is a precursor to failure. We here at Tokeet have a vested interest in your success – so we know just what you need to get there!

A welcome book is one of the best ways to make a great first impression with your guests. It's become a popular inclusion in vacation rental homes due to the fact that it's more than a welcome message. It's a great way to provide your guests with useful information about the property and surrounding area
The vacation rental management industry is a young one in the grand scheme of things, but its growth has been explosive. Many media outlets reported the reasoning behind this is that virtually anyone can do it. This is simply untrue. What they really meant to say was anyone who's willing to take the risk and put
When it comes to vacation rental listings, your property description is integral to your success. Some people may argue that the property photos are more important, which is fair enough. The reality is that one can't work without the other. A great title and property description doesn't just support your imagery, though. They have the
If you've been struggling to create an effective rental property website, this guide will make things a little easier. We're not focusing on the technical aspects of the process here. Instead, we're going to approach things from a marketing perspective. What Makes a Great Vacation Rental Website? 1. Imagery Your property’s photos are the most

Looking for new ways to get your booking rate up? Well we’ve got a bunch of ideas for you right here. The following list is ordered sequentially – you can skip over some tasks when forming your vacation rental marketing strategy. But it’s recommended that you execute the steps in order to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Every first-time vacation rental property owner / manager will find themselves asking what their responsibilities are before listing. Are there any legal requirements? What should I provide my guests with? What is expected of me? We’ll stop there before we start getting existential.

Wanna know how to increase your bookings immediately? Well get in line. Everyone’s looking for the fast-track to the top – yet so few make it. Why is that?

Well, the short answer is that it takes some effort to get there. Time and effort. Persistence is key – no amount of Airbnb tips articles can give you that.