Announcing Webready

We are excited to announce the release of Webready, the latest addition to Tokeet’s suite of products! With Webready, your website can become your primary booking channel!

What is Webready?

Webready is our new, easy to use website builder that allows anyone to create a professional-looking website for their short term rental. Webready has been purpose-built to be the best website creator for the short-term rental industry. We’ve carefully combed through every feature and functionality to ensure it covers all your needs. Best yet, webready is the only website builder in the industry that features our Live Edit technology. With Live Edit, you can edit your website in-line and see it as it would appear to your guests.

How is Webready different from Tokeet’s Web builder?

Webready is a completely new application built from scratch to be better than any other website builder on the market. It does not share any components with Tokeet Website Builder and is not intended to replace Tokeet Website Builder. However, we hope that our users love Webready enough to switch to it. Webready does have a vast number of new and exciting features which separates it from the original Tokeet Website Builder. Some of the new features of Webready include:

  • Live Edit allows you to see the website exactly as it would be while editing
  • New templates to choose from for your single and multiple rental websites
  • A quick and simple SSL process to securing your website
  • Free shared domains with SSL included
  • An easy domain purchase process and custom domain setup
  • Responsive design for mobile and other device sizes
  • Super easy edit of website menu and pages
  • Built-in coupon code feature
  • Rates management
  • SEO
  • Improved Analytics and Tracking

Please note that you cannot automatically migrate from Tokeet Website Builder to Webready. Users must create their new websites on Webready from scratch.

How can I get Webready?

Current Tokeet users can login to Webready today. You may also auto-login from within TV3 or Sympl CM by clicking the Add-Ons top menu option, then selecting Webready. Webready is also available as an add on product on our Tokeet App Store. Anyone can use Webready with or without a TV3 subscription. Webready was built so that anyone using any channel manager can still use it. It can be used as a standalone product that manages rates or along with TV3 or Sympl CM. Other products can also be added to Webready to further extend it, such as Rategenie and Automata.

How much does Webready cost?

Webready is a separate product within the Tokeet product suite. Webready does have a FREE plan for creating a single rental website. However, you must upgrade to create multi-rental websites. Please click here to learn more about Webready Pricing.

If you have any questions please contact our support team.

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