eSignatures Simplified.

Tokeet Signature makes it simple and easy for your guests to review and sign your agreements.

Tokeet Signature is the fastest way to get customized, secure, and legally binding signatures from your guests on your most important short-term rental agreements.

Tokeet takes the hassle out of signing rental agreements.

 Save Time

Tokeet Signature will save you and your guest lots of time when it comes to signing your rental agreements. Your guests can sign your agreement from anywhere using any device. No more printing and faxing documents or waiting until they're at their computer. Plus your guest can upload a copy of their ID directly from the the agreement. Tokeet Signature takes the time and hassle out of the most cumbersome part of the rental process.

 Automate Everything

Tokeet Signature is full integrated with Tokeet's automation process so you can automatically send agreements to guests when they book your rentals. Tokeet will also send you and the guest a notification when the guest has signed the agreement along with the fully executed agreement.

 Save Money

Tokeet Signature is included in Tokeet at no additional cost so you don't have to pay extra for an external esignature application. Tokeet does it all for you in a streamlined, integrated, and automated way.

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Exceptional User Experience

Impress your guests right from the start with a branded and beautiful user experience when they sign your digital contract. Tokeet helps you make that lasting impression and differentiate your rental and brand from your competitors. Tokeet signature is customizable and fully integrated with the rest of the application.

Secure & Legally Binding

Tokeet's Signature is compliant with all major eSignature laws including ESIGN, UETA, and European eIDAS. Our SSL encryption, world-class server infrastructure and audit trails ensure that your documents are kept safe and secure. We also store your contracts safely in our digital cloud so you will always have them when you need them directly in your Tokeet File Cabinet. Rest assured knowing that Tokeet's world class technology is powering your eSignature experience.

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Need Help Getting Setup?

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Customer Support Is Our Killer Feature

We know that Tokeet is critical to your business and you need answers immediately. That's why we have real-time support via our chat app. You can also contact us anytime at 1-855-4-TOKEET if ever you need to speak to us. We pride ourselves on our support and take even more pride in our 10 minute median response time to support requests.

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