Tokeet integration with Boostly

What is Boostly?

Boostly gives hosts the tools, tactics and training to increase their direct bookings for their short-term rental business.

You will be able to easily create a WordPress website for your Tokeet rentals, syncing your calendar and rates.

Find out more about Boostly in our blog post.

With this integration you'll get:

✅ API Connection To Tokeet

✅ Competitive Prices

✅ Airbnb style website

✅ Mobile-First Design

✅ Money-Back Guarantee

✅ Fantastic Post Build Support

✅ Marketing Tactics to Launch Your Website

Why use Boostly with Tokeet?

Boostly is the most recommended website design agency in the industry. They design websites that work and will turn Lookers into Bookers with websites that are built for mobile-first.

They are the only company that offers a full money-back guarantee on a return on investment for a website build.

With over 1000 clients they are one of the fastest-growing companies in the sector and we’re excited to be partnered with them.

Connecting Boostly to Tokeet

To take advantage of this integration, you will need to first create a Boostly account. You can then connect it via the Tokeet PAPI by following the authorization steps below:

API Integration 

Credentials Required
  1. Client ID
  2. Client Secret
  3. Redirect URL
  4. Authorization Code

Access token & Client secret required for getting response of all requests.

For getting Authorization code need to hit this URL in browsers window.


API Doc:

  1. Get Access Token

  1. GET Listings

  1. GET Single Listing{pkey}

  1. GET Availability{pkey}/availability

  1. GET Prices{rental_id}

  1. GET Images

Missing data
  1. No create reservation endpoint although a Booking URL for booking on portal
  2. No cancel reservation endpoint
  3. No cleaning Fee
Manual sync options 
  1. All Data sync 
  1. Single listing sync (Go single listing edit page)

  1. ICAL sync
Auto Sync Settings
  1. Plugin Setting page (Go to Listings > Settings)
  2. View existing auto schedules 
  3. Can enable/Disable each auto sync by clicking checkbox under Action Column. 

Website Settings

Plugin Settings

  1. Plugin Setting page (Go to Listings > Settings)
  2. Enter required API credentials 
  1. Override options
  2. You can enable / disable override settings for API data.
  1. Can view and enable/disable Auto Syncs. 


Auto Registration

Changes for auto registrations module are in following files. 

  1. homey-child\template-parts\boostly-modal-register.php
  2. homey-child\template-parts\instance-booking\nightly.php
  3. plugin\tokeet\assets\js\tokeet.js
  4. plugin\tokeet\tokeet.php



Changes regarding stripe to Tokeet reservation are in the following files.

  1. theme\homey-child\template-parts\instance-booking\nightly.php
  2. plugin\tokeet\tokeet.php
  3. plugin\tokeet\assets\js\tokeet.js
  4. plugin\tokeet\classes\class-stripe.php

Homey theme settings to enable / disable Stripe gateway


Child Theme

Path: theme\homey-child

API Plugin

Path: plugin\tokeet-V2

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