Tokeet Integration with Opiniion

What is Opiniion? 

Opiniion is the #1 Resident Satisfaction Platform! We give clients the solutions they need to better understand their residents' satisfaction, every step of the way. By streamlining the process in which property managers collect, analyze, publicize, and act on resident feedback, we make life easy and provide powerful direction to help create a better resident experience. 


What does Opiniion offer? 


Features and Benefits of this integration are:

  • Proprietary Opiniion Score
  • Public/Private Review Generation, Aggregation, & Notifications
  • Negative Review Interception
  • Review Source Dashboard
  • Review Auto-Responder
  • Review Matching
  • Intelligent Event-Based Campaigns
  • Custom & Smart Surveys
  • Reporting, Insights, & Analytics Suite
  • GBP Integration
  • Word Cloud Analysis
  • Employee Attribution

Find out more about Opiniion in our blog post.

Connecting Opiniion to Tokeet

To integrate you will need to first have an account with Opiniion. You will be sent an email containing an install link to click to begin. Once you have confirmed the install, simply request the Tokeet credentials from Opiniion Integrations and plug the credentials into the Opiniion application.

Disconnecting Opiniion from Tokeet

To cancel a Tokeet client, Opiniion will deactivate the integration in our platform, and after some time of non-usage, the tokens will expire and will be unable to pull data from the client’s database. 

Opiniion FAQs

Question: If a guest is provided with a survey, how/when do they get it? Is it by automatic e-mail after the stay is over?

Answer: They are sent automatically upon guest check-in (how was your check-in experience) and check-out (how was your stay), though either can be disabled, so both can be run, or only one of them. They are sent via email by default, but can also be sent via SMS if we receive the guest's phone number via the integration.

Question: If a guest wants to provide a review, where does it get published? On an Opiniion page?

Answer: We capture initial feedback scores and any included text on the Opiniion Feedback page, but guests will also have the option to leave a public review on any external review sites that are setup for that client. For example, if the host has a Google Business Profile or Facebook Business Page such as for a management company or real estate firm, we can send guests to publish public reviews there after we capture the initial feedback.

Question: If much of the reporting is done on the Opiniion site, is there different about how a customer accesses those reports vs. having no integration at all?

Answer: There is no difference. As long as they are subscribed users of Opiniion, all reports are available within the Opiniion app whether they are using the software's automation (integrated), or whether they are manually uploading lists of guests (not integrated).

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