We’re excited to announce our new partnership with Opiniion!

What is Opiniion?

Opiniion is the #1 Resident Satisfaction Platform! We give clients the solutions they need to better understand their residents’ satisfaction, every step of the way. By streamlining the process in which property managers collect, analyze, publicize, and act on resident feedback, we make life easy and provide powerful direction to help create a better resident experience.

What does Opiniion offer?

Features and Benefits of this integration are:

  • Proprietary Opiniion Score
  • Public/Private Review Generation, Aggregation, & Notifications
  • Negative Review Interception
  • Review Source Dashboard
  • Review Auto-Responder
  • Review Matching
  • Intelligent Event-Based Campaigns
  • Custom & Smart Surveys
  • Reporting, Insights, & Analytics Suite
  • GBP Integration
  • Word Cloud Analysis
  • Employee Attribution

Why people choose Opiniion?

People choose Opiniion because our product is cost effective, it has a high level of performance, and because clients receive all solutions in one place which would otherwise require them to subscribe to two or more platforms for the same features.

How do I integrate with Opiniion?

To connect your Tokeet account to Opiniion, simply follow the steps in this set up guide