Tokeet integration with Duve

What is Duve?

Duve is a holistic guest experience management platform.

Duve provides hospitality experts with a unified guest management solution, covering the entire digital guest journey from contactless check-in, through a branded guest app, an omnichannel communication hub, and an eCommerce/upselling platform offering the right service to the right guest at the right time.

Find out more about Duve in our blog post.

Features and Benefits of this integration are:

  • Contactless Check-in and Checkout
  • White-label, no-download guest app
  • Communication hub with built-in SMS and WhatsApp integration
  • Upselling and eCommerce platform - with both 1st-party and 3rd-party upsells
  • Personalization and translation engine
  • Mobile key and smart lock integration
  • Detailed analytics

Connecting Duve to Tokeet

In order to connect Tokeet to your Duve account, go to Account Settings -> Connect & Sync

Then, add Tokeet as a Source.

Now, log into your Tokeet account and you’re good to go!

What data Duve syncs from Tokeet:


External ID




Postal Code



Wifi code

Apartment code

Building code


Location (lat/long)

Number of bedrooms

Number of bathrooms

Max number of guests

Minimum check-in time

Maximum check-out time

Host email



External ID

Property ID

Start date

End date

Guest first name

Guest last name

Guest email

Guest phone

Guest pms ID

PMS external id (Airbnb/other)

Number of adults

Number of children

Extra charges

Rent price

Paid amount

Booking date


What data Duve pushes back to Tokeet:

Orders (no item code required):

(Custom products

Early check in

Late check out

Stay payment

Additional hold

Check out payment)


Estimated check in time

Estimated check out time

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