Tokeet integration with KeyNinja

What is KeyNinja?

KeyNinja is an AI-driven platform that offers cleaning and check-in services for short-term operators and homeowners across Australia. Founded in 2018, the company has quickly become a trusted partner in the short-term rental industry, successfully servicing over 2500+ properties to provide their clients and guests with a seamless and enjoyable hosting experience.

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Connecting KeyNinja to Tokeet

To connect with Tokeet, please follow the following steps 

  1. Sign in to KeyNinja platform and go to your Connected Accounts page 
  2. Click on the Connect New button and select Tokeet
  3. To generate your API Key, click on the text button here and you will be redirected to Tokeet’s login page 
  4. Login to your Tokeet account and you will be redirected to KeyNinja's page in Tokeet’s marketplace
  5. Click Continue to access your generated Tokeet code (API Key). Copy the API Key by clicking on the copy icon 
  6. Paste the API Key and click Connect
  7. Click Connect to go to the property listing view. Select the properties from tickbox and click on Manage

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