Tokeet Integration with PriceLabs

PriceLabs is an innovative and easy to use revenue management solution for short term rental properties. Using the integration with Tokeet, you can define daily rates for your rentals in Tokeet based on PriceLabs data. Getting started is easy.

Connect PriceLabs to Tokeet

  • Log into PriceLabs and click the blue "Add your listings" button.
  • Select Tokeet from the pulldown menu.  You will be prompted to enter in your Tokeet Account ID and API Key.
  • In Tokeet, Navigate to Settings > Account Info.  
  • Your Tokeet Account ID will be shown right under the Account Info section header.
  • Scroll down to API Keys and click "Create".
  • Give your Tokeet API Key a name and click "OK".
  • In PriceLabs, paste both the Tokeet Account ID and API Key, and click "Login".
  • PriceLabs will import all Rentals under your Tokeet account.
  • That's it!  You are ready to start managing your rates in PriceLabs and push them to Tokeet.
  • For detailed instructions on using PriceLabs, please see the Getting Started with PriceLabs guide.  

Using PriceLabs in Tokeet

  • PriceLabs will create daily rates for the next 365 days.
  • If your Tokeet rental had existing rates, these will be erased and replaced with rates from PriceLabs.
  • All PriceLabs rates will be in the rate category "default", with PriceLabs in the rate name.

Limitations and Important Notes:

  • PriceLabs integration is available for all plan levels.
  • If your Tokeet rental has existing rates, these will be erased and replaced with rates from PriceLabs.
  • PriceLabs integration is compatible with Tokeet Websites.
  • You are still responsible for pushing rates to the API Channels; this process will not happen automatically.  Please see this Help Center article for more info on pushing rates.

As always, please contact us with questions any time.  We're happy to help.

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